Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mothering Sunday again

The reason Matt was holding a Rolf Harris cd was that his brother Alan was going to Australia to live in Brisbane for just under a year. He was going to work with Scripture Union Queensland. He went in October 2003.
It caused much merriment, this cd!
Especially " Tie Me kangaroo Down Sport" and "Jake the Peg......." !!
TL had "Waltzing Matilda" as his ring tone on his mobile whilst Alan was away.
The settee and d├ęcor are changed now.
Bit like us.
Mothering Sunday cards,( to give Mother's Day it's correct title) have been in the shops for awhile.
They are like a double-edged sword to me.
Our family is forever incomplete.

Mothering Sunday last year, 2009, saw me again on the M6 driving North, as my dad had been taken ill. I was there two and a half weeks.
I took my cards with me and the gifts I had been given. And as I drove, I thought how ironic it was to be driving on that particular day, as once again I drove passed the site of the accident, deliberately, a defiant homage to you, Matt.

So here we are again, and on Sunday we will have Alan and Jen here. And we will enjoy the day. I still have two sons..........

I have two sons,
Forever in my thoughts.
And prayers
And tears and love
Sadness and gladness.

To hold you when you were born
Was the most amazing thing I have ever known,
To say goodbye the most profound

Two brothers
Now one without the other

But we remember

So, on Mothering Sunday, I will run the gauntlet of loss once more, thinking of that other mother for whom the day is named.
Then comes Easter!!!

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