Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dad's rose.

Early I woke today, dad
And went out in the freshness of the morning
Smelling the damp grass where the shower passed
Last night.
The cool newness of the air,
After a warm night.

It's always like this
In the arrival of the long summer days
When we have the endless blue and the
Unexpected warmth of a sun
Which brings dappled light
And throws sharp shadows
On the ground.

This time we have a taste of summer
That brings with it
Another summer remembered
Hot, sunny, burnt lawns
Sultry air suddenly touching my face.

Another garden........................
Another place.
And a hug, given with love.

Summer days, long evenings, stir the depths of all I have lost.
But for dad, I now have a rose
Who has bloomed as gloriously as the ones
He used to grow

And my sunflowers
For Matt,
Are once again making their journey
Towards the sky of blue.

I love their French name
To turn the face to the sun.
So dad,
Your rose is beautiful today.
Love you,

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