Friday, 1 April 2011

Poem for Matt written in 2008

Poem for Matt
There's a hole in the world
Where you used to be.
It is perfectly shaped in your form,
A vacuum, but it's there.
Like reaching into the space where you
Lived and breathed.
It's a mocking illusion.
There's a hole in me
Where you used to be
Arms cannot wrap around space.
There's a hole everywhere I turn
It travels with me silently
Wherever I go
It is always with me
A reminder of all that we have lost
And, on returning, the memories
Down the years where you were real
Tangible,loved, living, breathing.
There are holes in the world
I recognise others-
Children lost forever
Parents who grieve
Over what might have been.....................
And now snatched away
Leaving only brokenness.
There's a sadness in their eyes
Like a reflection
From a deep well
Of pain
Hidden but always there....
Surfacing at times to overflow.
And it goes on until
We leave a hole in the world."

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