Thursday, 15 September 2011

9/10 and 9/11. A weekend of reflection.........................

Lizard Point. Cornwall. England  A quiet moment. 

A father remembers his son. WTC New York USA

Above Grasmere and Rydal Water.The Lake District. England.

This year saw our 5th Anniversary of 9/10 alongside the 10 year Anniversary of 9/11.
I looked at the photo of the father simply placing his hand on his son's name and I was deeply moved.
A world of pain separates him from us, and yet I somehow felt connected. Although I cannot even begin to contemplate how they feel, constantly seeing how their loved ones died like an ever running video, over and over again. Year in, year out.
But for them, 10 years on, the important thing is that they are not forgotten. And the grief is still palpable. Anniversaries will always be that way.
We can choose to remember our 9/10 in the way in which each of us feels is most helpful. All of us who were joined togther by Matt and Chris's deaths share a deep bond. It is important for us to remain in contact, Chris's family and very close friends, our little family and very close friends.We see each other throughout the year, share stories about them, laugh and weep over them, and encourage each other along.  
And in the week before the 10th we are once again sending each other cards, exchanging phone calls, talking about them, and yes, grieving them too. But this is a shared grief and it serves to strengthen, as we all have the need to remember.
Stephen and I had a few days in the Lake District in the quiet Langdale Valley.
On the 10th we went for a long walk over the fell and down into Rydal Water. As we were walking along we received several mobile phone text messages from our friends and family to say they were thinking of us. (As we indeed were thinking of them.)
We received several cards. Touching messages written inside, and one with anecdotes about Matt. I keep all these in a special box.
It was a peaceful reflective day, and after walking on into Ambleside, where we refuelled on toasted tea cakes, (me!) and Borrowdale tea bread and cheese(him!) we then walked the next 3 and a half miles back to where we were staying. A round trip of about 7 miles. We enjoyed the views inspite of the showers, and saw several deer. One obligingly jumped the fence practically under our noses as we crept up to have a closer look.
Such graceful creatures.
So we passed by another date forever etched in our hearts.
And we go on into another year.

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