Friday, 7 October 2011

Letter to Matthew

Timelord and Teapot Sutton Park September 2011The new grandparents! 
October 2011

Dear Matthew ,
On Wednesday 5th October 2011, your brother and his wife had their first baby. A boy.
He is called Samuel Robin. You would have like that.
All kinds of mixed emotions have been swirling round in me for weeks, surrounding this new addition to our family.
All mixed up with recollections of your birth, your brother's birth, and how we were so overjoyed to welcome our own children into the world.

I wish you were here to see your new nephew.

It is difficult to explain to others how it can be hard when we celebrate another important milestone without you. We are so very, very, happy and at the same time it highlights the empty space which you filled with your living presence.
A proud dad and his first son, Matthew. April 1976
Of course it makes us grandparents! Wow! And it is an amazing feeling!
Matthew holding his new brother.September 1984
Matt holding his 3 month old brother, December 1984 
We will go to see our new grandson soon, and I can't wait to hold him. A whole new chapter beginning, in a whole new life. So, Matt, I know you would've been a great uncle. And one day, when our grandson is grown, I expect his brother may tell him about you...................Love always Mumxx      

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