Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Return to the Lizard, Cornwall. October 2011.

Footprints in the sand
I came down to the Lizard a few days ago, to spend some time on my own in the place I love so well. The place we all used to stay as a family, along with your grandad, year in year out, and where we had such happy times. I saw my new grandson last week, your nephew, and it was a wonderful experience. I am going to love being a granny! I have spent the days in quiet reflection each morning, and the afternoons walking the cliff paths, and along the empty beach at Polurrian. I can hear echoes of your voice mingled with that of grandad and the others and it makes me smile. We will never lose you, Matt, you are forever with us.  And on days like today, walking along the beach, for once, I remember you without the sense of loss.                  
Polurrian Cove. 

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