Sunday, 21 April 2013

It's your birthday once more.....23rd April 2013.

 Dear Matt, The cherry trees outside our house are not going to be in blossom for your birthday this year. I took this picture at a friend's the other day, She has a very small tree.
The winter was so long and cold this time that spring is still trying valiantly to struggle through!
    Well, here I am again, and it will be your birthday on Tuesday. Each year we, your dad and I,  have marked your day by doing something special. This time we are going to Oxford. I have lots of photos that you took when you went with two good friends in the past. You visited various sites of interest, including the pub where C S Lewis spent some of his time. It was a gloriously hot day then!
There is such a lot to see and do, that we will be spoilt for choice! But we find it is good to remember you and talk about you. You are always in our thoughts.
It would have been your 37th birthday next week. Your brother is 29 years old in September, married, and has two lovely children. I love being a granny! We go to see them all as often as we are able spending the day there yesterday.  The fact that your younger brother is now a father is just one of those things which has changed since that fateful night in September 2006. Time inexorably goes on as you stand frozen at that point, forever 30 years old.                    
Matt at Playgroup in Cowplain, Hampshire. Aged 3 and a half.   

 Here are a few pictures out of your life, snapshots in time which has now forever stopped, memories of when you were here with us all.
For those memories we are eternally thankful. Our lives go on, and although they go on without you, there have been happy times among the sad ones. Times of being enriched by friendship, and mutual support, times of laughter instead of tears. Times of enjoying new experiences, whilst remembering those which we shared when you were still here. I never felt I could live again.......but I find I can. You are so deeply embedded in me that I know I will always have you with me.

   Next weekend your dad is umpiring his first cricket game of the season, and has decided to wear your cricket boots, as they have spikes and are safer on damp grass. They fit him perfectly.
His tribute to you on your birthday week.          
Watering his Grandad Smith's roses. Summer 1978

Southsea beach. August 1980.  
Matt, Rougemont, France.  Aged 19. 

Matt in cricket whites. (having removed boots!)
Matt and his brother fooling around!
          Lizard Point Cornwall. Last resting place of our lovely son                                                                                                    

Happy Birthday Matt! Till we all meet again.   

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Anonymous said...

Birthdays are so terribly sad. I survived Vic's 1st birthday away but have once more been catapulted into terrible sadness and longing. It is as if I feel on an injured knee that had just started scabbing...What a beautiful son you have.