Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Memories of a summer past...........

My lovely Matt, 
Here I am, looking at you smiling out at me. I know you have your hand over your mouth but it was a joke at the time, as your brother and his mate were sitting alongside, and the picture turned into "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" Don't quite remember why now! 
   All those years when I badgered and cajoled you, and the family, to accept that I liked taking all your photos, are now very precious. 
Snapshots of you from your birth to the time when our lives were forever changed.      
So this photo, taken on 4th July 2006, is a reminder that in a few short weeks we were to lose you. A hot summer.
July 4th 2006
This year's summer has been compared to 2006. A spell recently of long hot sunny days, and warm nights. The summers in between pale in comparison.
    Now at 7.30pm it is very warm, the patio window is fully open, and was last night till 10.30pm. 
The only problem for me is that glorious summer days and warm nights remind me of that summer. 
My heart aches with the stillness of the dawn, and at the edge of dusk, when the garden gives off heady scents of honeysuckle and roses, in the cooling heat, you are always, always there. 
                         Even now the tears well up with the missing you.
      One of the reasons for writing this piece is that your dad and I had our 40th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, 14th July. We spent it in the Lake District, having had our annual holiday with your brother and his wife and our two grandchildren, in our favourite place in Cornwall a week previously.        
          We were thinking of you as we walked by the Lake, or through fields full of meadow flowers, amongst the majesty of the surrounding crags and fells. And, oh, Matt, how we talked about you and that last hot beautiful summer, when we were all together 
   Remembering you leaning on a gate, or paddling in the cool river, or watching the farmer baling hay and then videoing him as he drove his tractor up and down the field. When we saw one collecting the hay, my heart lurched. I know the video commentary you made, off by heart.      

Mullion Cove Cornwall 5th July 2013 
Lizard village Cornwall, sunset. Saturday 6th July. 2013 

We celebrated 40 years together, and shared our memories. It was a special time. And we spent it in a beautiful place, for a few days.
 On our actual 40th Anniversary day we were on a long walk when we came upon this wood sculpture. Another couple just happened along the path and said would we like a photo taking. After exchanging a few words and telling them it was a special day, they told us that next year they hope to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
     So, as we journey on, we have a visible reminder that we are held in God's hands, until that day we see Him face to face and are reunited with our son, and others whom we love.    

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